The more you spend, the more rewards you’ll receive. Make your way up the hierarchy for extra perks.


You can become a member by registering your details in the www.cityplus.ae website and making a payment. Your membership will be active as soon as your subscription is active.

Our members will earn the city plus points for spending each currency with us. They can use the city plus points to purchase items from the reward shop. They can also avail of special discounts and offers based on different tiers.Please visit tiers and benfits page to know the details.

Yes, you can avail the benefits of city plus membership at any of the our city season hotels.

Yes your membership will have a validity of 1 year and you have to renew it again.

No, you will not be able to use the points while your membership is inactive or suspended.

Yes, City Season can terminate your membership if you do not operate as per the specified program Terms and Conditions or indulge in any fraudulent activity. For more information, please review the Terms and Conditions.

City Season will have the sole ownership of the reward program and we have the right to change the terms and conditions anytime, You will be informed of the same when applicable. However, it is your responsibility as a member to keep yourself updated about program rules and Terms and Conditions which are published on the program website www.cityplus.ae .

 Cityplus points can only be earned at our hotels and cannot be earned against external partners. However, should a new partner be added to the program, you will be notified of this exciting addition to the city plus program

Reward Shop

No, only members with active membership can purchase from reward shop./

Online Payment is the only payment option available.

Please contact our support team or confirm with your bank.

A gift card can be purchased by a city plus member using points, cash, or both.

Please contact the support team and provide the order number from your member account.

Products will be specified with the points required for purchase. The product will be added to the cart only if you have the required points.

If you are using the points for purchasing a gift card, then you have to apply your available points in the cart.

Please contact our customer service for support.

Order is canceled due to out of stock or payment error. Please contact the support team for more information

Earn Points

City plus points is the currency of the City Season Hotel reward program and can be earned and redeemed for exciting benefits and offers.

Whenever you visit any of the city season hotels. Based on the bill amount you will receive points. 1 AED = 1 point;1 OMR =10 points
Our staff will add points to your account.

No you dont earn points while purchasing products from reward shop.

Redeem Points

 35 points = 1 AED; 350 points = 1 OMR

You can purchase products using your city plus points from reward shop. Also get member benefits based on the tier.

No you will not earn points for redemption of points.

 You can choose to use part of your Cityplus points and use cash / card for the balance for only purchasing giftcards.

Discounts and Offers

Yes,you will receive discounts and benefits on stay, spa and dine in based on your tier. For more information visit tiers and benefits page.

No , only the member is eligible for benefits.

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