Terms and Conditions

1. General Terms and Conditions

1.1 Membership of the City Plus Programme, Points, Awards, Award Vouchers and Privileges are offered at the sole discretion of City Seasons Hotels. City Seasons Hotels reserves the right to decline to issue or to withdraw the City PlusMembership at any time.

1.2 City Plus has no predetermined termination date and shall continue until such time as City Seasons Hotels decides to terminate the Programme with or without notice. Members shall have three months from the date on which the Programme termination is announced to continue accumulating City Plus Points. Starting on the date of expiry of the 3-month period, Members shall have a further six months within which they must covered all City Plus Points they have accumulated into Awards or Award Vouchers. Nine months from the date on which the Programme termination is announced, any unredeemed Points will be automatically cancelled.

1.3 City Seasons Hotels reserves the right to amend, update or change any aspect of the City Plus Programme, including the Terms & Conditions and Programme Rules at any time without advising Members. It is the responsibility of each Member to remain aware of any such amendments, updates or changes. City Seasons Hotels will publish the latest Terms & Conditions on its website www.cityseasonshotels.com

1.4 City Plus will endeavor to advice Members of matters of interests including notifying them of changes to the Programme, promotions and other offers. However, City Plus accepts no liability for requests or correspondence lost or delayed in the portal system or via electronic mail. Without prejudice to clause above, City Seasons Hotels are not liable for and reserve the right to correct any errors in pricing, typing or description relating to any aspectof City Plus.

1.5 When a Member telephones a City Plus representative, for security reasons the City Plus representative may request personal information in order to verify the Member’s identity.

1.6 The sale, transfer or barter of any City Plus Points, Award Vouchers, Awards, Privileges, Tier Points or other City Plus benefits is prohibited.

1.7 Lost or stolen complimentary vouchers or redeemed points vouchers will not be replaced.

1.8 Any correspondence sent to Members, whether by post or electronic mail, is based on the information given to City Plus or City Seasons Hotels. All Members are responsible for notifying City Plus in writing of any changes to their contact details.

1.9 The only valid interpretations of the Terms & Conditions shall be that of City Plus or City Seasons Hotels.

1.10 These Terms & Conditions incorporate by reference the Programme Terms and any other terms & conditions appearing on the City Plus Programme website from time to time (currently at www.cityseasonshotels.com) and represent the entire agreement between City Seasons Hotels and Members in relation to the City Plus Programme. Each Member acknowledges that it is not relying on any representation, warranty or other statement relating to the Programme which is
not set out in these Terms & Conditions.

2. Membership

2.1 City Plus Membership is valid for one (1) year.

2.2 The City Plus Membership is not transferable and may only be used by the Member without limitation, not by the Member’s relatives or friends.

2.3 City Plus Member has an exclusive Membership number that will be required for follow up on statements, voucher requests and any correspondence with City Plus Membership Team.

2.4 City Plus Membership is available only to individuals and not to companies, partnerships, associations, groups or other entities. City Seasons Hotels may refuse Membership without being required to give a reason for doing so.

2.5 All Members must be over the age of 21 years.

2.6 The City Plus Membership will not be issued to a person who is an employee of City Seasons Hotels.

2.7 Any Member may terminate the Membership by submitting a written termination notice signed by the Member to City Plus or to City Seasons Hotels. Membership will be terminated immediately upon receipt of such notice but no rebate shall be done of the amount paid in total or partially.

2.8 The Best available rates discounts are applicable for only up to three rooms.

2.9 Beverage discount excludes happy hours.

2.10 Freebies upon registration are not applicable with tier upgrades or renewals

For more information about Earning and Redemption please visit https://www.cityseasonshotels.com/city-plus

3. Voucher General Terms and Conditions

3.1 Valid for one-time usage.

3.2 Cannot be exchanged for its cash value.

3.3 Prior reservations are required and subject to availability.

3.4 Must be presented upon check in, the membership number must be mentioned.

3.5 Validity will not be extended beyond the expiration date.

3.6 Voucher is not valid during the following dates; valentine’s Day, Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Chrismas Eve, New Year’s Eve , F1, Idex and Adipec. Reward points however, can still be earned.

3.7 May not be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offer.

3.8 Lost or stolen vouchers will not be replaced.